OJCM & The Hotwheels Showdown - West Of Tulsa Show #0007

OJCM & The Hotwheels Showdown - West Of Tulsa Show #0007

Ventura, CA

Our guests this week on the West of Tulsa Show are Frank DeJesus and his two sons, Sebastian and Dorian. Frank founded the Old Japanese Car Meet or OJCM in Los Angeles. Sebastian and Dorian are taking their passion for Hot Wheels and building a successful business.

Frank explains how a bad experience at a muscle car gathering in Burbank many years ago inspired him to start his own car meet. The muscle car guys told Frank he couldn’t join them because his Japanese car didn’t have enough chrome. So, he said screw that and started OJCM. Frank also talks about the difference between a classic, vintage and antique car. He also tells the story about meeting Helm for the first time. Helm showed up at Frank’s Old Japanese Car Meet in a Mercedes Benz! Now they’re friends.


Frank breaks down what kinds of Japanese cars show up at the meet including Datsuns, Subarus and Hondas. One member, Natasha Adams, even modified a Lexus LS400 into a Prerunner offroad luxury sedan. 

Sebastian and Dorian explain how they first started their Hot Wheels Racing Series. They’re invited to set up their impressive six lane quarter-mile track (that’s to scale of course) at events all over Southern California. Their races attract large crowds and it’s very competitive. They’ve even been invited to set up their track and hold races at Mattel’s Headquarters and at the Petersen Automotive Museum. The competitors really get into it because they’re racing for trophies and prize money. Even the adults start acting like kids.

Hot Wheels Racetrack

We’ll show you videos of the races and the guys talk about how they announce the race and they can even tell which car will probably win.

We also bring in an automotive historian to answer two trivia questions. Can C.J. stump the gang? Will you know the answers? Enjoy the show.

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