Empowering Women in the Car Scene: Interview with Christina Jimenez - West Of Tulsa Show #0009

Empowering Women in the Car Scene: Interview with Christina Jimenez - West Of Tulsa Show #0009

Join us for an inspiring interview with the trailblazing Christina Jimenez as she shares her journey in empowering women in the car scene. From breaking stereotypes to creating a supportive community, Christine's insights and experiences will leave you feeling motivated and empowered to make your mark in the automotive world. Don't miss out on this powerful conversation!

She's known on social media as @Lanedrifters and she's the founder of MsMotorhead. She's also the Vice President of the 805 Subaru Car Club, a cancer survivor and an inspiration to women wanting to get on the race track and throw their car around. Some of the younger ladies even call her car mama. She talks with the team about her handle, how she came up with the name and how it's connected to JDM.

Christina talks about learning to drift in her Subaru Legacy wagon, how it's hell on tires and the differences between drifting and grip racing. One good way to describe it is car ballet and what it takes to setup a car the right way for judging and how much fun it is to 4 car drift. Christina talks about one of her favorite things to do right now is canyon running or canyon carving. She hit the track recently at Apple Valley Speedway and Willow Springs. She also talks about her merchandise and her most popular designs for hats and bumper stickers. Some are pretty crude which she admits. She explains how some of the ladies who buy her stickers are too shy to put them on the outside of the car. Can you guess where they put them?

The team also talks about getting their old favorite cars back years after regrettably selling them, the unfortunate trend of race tracks closing, illegal street takeovers, drag racer Shirley Muldowney and her nickname. We were all stumped except for Dan who it turns out is a closet drag race lover and historian. Christina also explains why she tries not to date guys in the car industry. Finally, Christina talks at length about her passion getting girls and ladies on the race track. She loves giving them advice and confidence to get out there and not be intimidated by the guys because once your on the track none of that matters. Enjoy the show and thank you for supporting West of Tulsa.

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