Why Every Pickup Truck Enthusiast Needs to Visit the Truck Rodeo - West Of Tulsa Show #0010

Why Every Pickup Truck Enthusiast Needs to Visit the Truck Rodeo - West Of Tulsa Show #0010

This week on  @WestOfTulsa  ... Truck Rodeo, the ultimate marketplace for classic pickup trucks! Join us as we explore the best vintage and custom trucks, meet the passionate people behind them, and experience the excitement of this one-of-a-kind auction site. From rare collectibles to fully restored classics, Truck Rodeo has something for every classic truck enthusiast. Don't miss out on the action-packed event of the year!

One of our guests this week on West of Tulsa flew from Orlando, Florida to Ventura to join us in studio. We are humbled and honored! Kyle Wortham with Truck Rodeo had two flights cancelled and he didn't sleep but he made it to West of Tulsa to talk about his new business venture.

Truck Rodeo is the first branded marketplace for classic pickup trucks. Wortham describes Truck Rodeo as Bring a Trailer but with a cowboy accent. He teamed up a year ago with Joe Kennelty who is a super talented photographer, videographer, artist and he's pretty good at reassembling old Honda motorcycles too.

Wortham and Kennelty talk about how they met and how they are getting really creative to promote Truck Rodeo. Wortham is from the Midwest and has a background in marketing which includes stints with Pabst Brewing, Schlitz, Lone Star, Blue Moon, Primo Beer and White Claw. So, he's into beer and trucks. A perfect country connection!

Wortham reveals where the name Truck Rodeo came from and its connection to Burt Reynolds and the movie Smokey and the Bandit.

Kennelty talks about some of the craziest photo shoots they've worked on together to promote Truck Rodeo. And how to shoot a C10 pickup just like you would a $10,000,000 Ferrari.

The West of Tulsa team peppered Wortham about the Yellowstone effect, Country music and auction fatigue when talking about the resurgence of old trucks. And how it's gaining in popularity among women who love to drive these old pickups.

Finally, Wortham talks about one of his prized possessions, a pair of cowboy boots he wore to the interview that are autographed by country music legend Willie Nelson.

Sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy this next episode of West of Tulsa.

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